Maine Author: Matthew Langdon Cost (rescheduled)

06/20/2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Zoom Virtual Event

I Am Cuba: Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution

In the summer of 1953, 300 bearded revolutionaries, led by a 30-year old lawyer named Fidel, turned the tides of war in Cuba by defeating 12,000 soldiers in combat. How was this possible?

If you want to understand Cuba of the last 60 years, you must first understand who Fidel Castro was and the events of the Cuban Revolution of 1953 to 1959. How did Fidel build this small band of guerrillas into an army that would sweep to power in Cuba? Who was the rifle-toting woman who became Fidel’s most trusted advisor as well as his lover? These questions and more are answered in the thrilling I Am Cuba, which is a historically accurate novel detailing society, politics, war, and love in Cuba in the 1950s.

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