Street Art

The author of The Guerilla Art Kit, Keri Smith, explains guerrilla art in her own words… “as any anonymous work (including but not limited to graffiti, signage, performance, additions, and decoration) installed, performed, or attached in public space, with the distinct purpose of affecting the world in a creative or thought-provoking way. (p. 11)”

I have always loved hiding (and finding) out that I’ve made around the communities in which I’ve lived. I’d like to share that joy with others as we make some simple crafts together. Painting rocks and creating Artist Trading Cards are just a couple of the projects we’ll make, along with some simple crafts from Keri Smith’s book, mentioned above. Many of these can be done at home with supplies you would already have on hand.

During the last 30-45 minutes of class we’ll go out into town to leave our creations! It’s so much fun to do this activity with others who see the value in brightening someone’s day in an unexpected way! Join me and fellow students in “taking our ‘art’ to the street of Bridgton!”