New Adult To-Go

With the weather turning winter-y, we have some really wonderful Adult To-Go bags to take home and try. All of these programs, workshops, and To-Go kits are generously funded by the Friends of the Bridgton Library. To become a Friend, click here for more information:

Friends of the Bridgton Library Application

Grow Your Own Microgreens. Microgreens are herb, flower, or vegetable greens grown densely in trays and harvested just after they’ve put on their first true leaves. These tiny greens are packed with nutrients, color, and flavor. They are easy to grow indoors and can take between 7-28 days to produce a harvest.
Kitchen: Soup-Ready Seasonings. Make yourself something lovely as the weather gets colder… these Soup-Ready Seasonings are perfect for your favorite soup or other things as well. Try them in dips, sprinkled (lightly) on steaming veggies, or on olive oil for a great bread dipping experience.
Crafting: Adult Coloring. With autumn coming to a close and winter around the corner, take home one of these bags of coloring pages and colored pencils. Enjoy the time inside while the weather is maybe not-so-great…Grab one before they’re gone.


And remember we have Make Your Own Pomanders and Make Your Own Swags workshops coming up. Pre-register here: