BPL Vision, Mission, Values


Bridgton Public Library aspires to be the model for a dynamic rural library focused on personalized library services and its role as a cultural/intellectual center for a diverse community.


The Bridgton Public Library’s primary purpose is to serve the community as its information and cultural center. It endeavors to provide access to educational, informational, and recreational resources in a friendly, safe atmosphere, and to be responsive to the changing needs of the community.


Bridgton Public Library reflects the community it serves. Our values are evident in the contents of the collections, the services that are offered, and the staff that are selected to meet the needs of all people who walk through our doors. They are also embodied in the Board of Trustees. The Board dedicates hundreds of volunteer hours each year to make sure the library is well-run, and that the community is well served. While each Board member gives their time for different reasons, there are some common ideals that hold them all together.

The Library is an institution that models civility and honors choice. The staff is always welcoming and there to help everyone. We are all  lifelong learners. The Library is a center and anchor in the community, that has been here for years and will be here for years to come. It is our role to bring the best things from our past into the future. And that includes providing books, in whatever form, for people who just love reading.