Daily Art Journaling starts in February

Let’s start the new year by “drawing our days” in a journal. Keep track of your routine and daily life on paper! All skill levels are welcome and encouraged. We’ll focus on creating a habit of drawing everyday.

We’ll build on this daily practice, starting in February through May ( last Saturday of each month, 10am to 12pm) by learning new techniques each month. Come to one or all of the classes. Please bring your own permanent fine tip pen and a journal to get started.

FEBRUARY  We’ll be playing with numerous art supplies that I will share with you. Experiment with some or all of them to discover your favorites.

MARCH  You’ll create your own “visual icon” dictionary of symbols that will represent things you do daily/weekly/monthly. It’s a fun exercise and your skill will improve, the more you draw.

APRIL  You’ll design “doodle” borders for each of your pages. It’s a good practice in repetitive pattern-making. They can be super simple or complex. Just use your black pen and color them in!

MAY  Not good at drawing? Let’s try some other techniques and tricks for filling your journal. How about collage, rubber stamping, or using a journal prompt? There are so many ways you can create art for your page each day..