InstantPot Potluck Update

We did not have enough people sign up for the InstantPot Potluck for today, September 7th, so we son’t have one today. We will be accepting signups for the first Saturday in October, and will hold it if we have 10 or more people sign up.

If you’ve never used an InstantPot before, meet some people who have! For those who have a favorite recipe they would like to share, please bring it on in. There will be a $5 gift card for Food City or Hannaford for all who bring a dish. Plates, plastic-ware, and beverage provided by the Bridgton Public Library. If you would like to bring something in, please sign up here:

InstantPot Potluck Signup

so we have enough gift cards to go around. We will hold it if we have 10 people sign up, so sign up today! The Library has a volunteer who will call everyone who signs up the Friday before to confirm.

Please contact us at 207-647-2472 if you have any questions or require more information.