New Look for our Online Catalog

We are updating our online catalog and will be adding new features to make it easier to find out what titles we have, request titles, and reserve cubicles and meeting rooms online.

We will be changing our online location, as well, so please click on this link here to launch the catalog from your browser and change your Bookmark if you have us there:

We are making the move Saturday, April 7th after 3:00PM, so our catalog will be unavailable while the transfer happens. It should be up and running by Sunday, please send an email here if the link does not work:

with what you are trying to do (renew items, request items, search our catalog), and we will make sure everything is squared away as soon as possible. We will send email confirmation once what you need is ready.

We strive to give you quality service, and hope to make your experience here even better.


Amy Stone, Library Director