cloudLibrary Help

While life has slowed down a bit, there are lots of different ways to access the books and stories you enjoy. Maine State Library has invested a large amount of money to make more titles available through cloudLibrary. They have also purchased a new “Independent Authors” bookshelf with titles that will always be available while you wait for bestsellers to become available. This online service is an app that you can download to your computer, iPad/tablet, or smartphone to “borrow” audiobooks and e-books. 

All you need is your Bridgton Public Library patron card number to access thousands of titles. If you don’t have your card, please contact us and we will look up your number for you. If you need help downloading the app, setting up your preferences, or checking out titles, please sign up using the form below and we will get back to you by phone or email to walk you through.

During this health emergency, it is our priority to keep people connected with what they need and as comfortable as possible using new tools and resources.