Just a little update

Thank you to everyone who has been so patient while our building has been under some construction. Our elevator update is still in progress and our meeting room is still unavailable to the public while the project continues. Please consider giving us a call or using the doorbell by the Church Street door and we will bring books to you if stairs are uncomfortable.

Our Thankful Raffle continues through Tuesday, November 30th. We will draw 20 winners on Wednesday, December 1st and give the winners a call. This year we added a Reading Challenge as well, offering more people the chance for more tickets for reading in November.

We will be closed on Friday, November 26th but open on Saturday, November 27th. We have to-go activity bags to get you through the long weekend, pick them up on Wednesday or Friday to keep the kids engaged and learning.

We’re getting ready for a month-long celebration of creativity and generosity in december. We will have all-day crafting opportunities on Saturdays with take-home to-go bags as well. Take some time to reflect and write in our Writer’s Cafe. Check out some new cookbooks and crafting books for making something beautiful for a loved one. Happy Holidays!

It has been a very different kind of year but we are grateful for every day here at the library. Stay well and safe, and we look forward to seeing you soon.