Poetry Express Comes to BPL!

Poetry Express, originally designed by poet Wesley McNair with support from the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance, connects libraries and local poets in sharing Maine’s poetry with their community. This wonderful program is being developed here at the BPL and we can’t wait! 

Maine Humanities Council has partnered with Bridgton Public Library and poet Kifah Abdulla to identify important community themes. The Maine State Library is providing curated resources, anthologies, and collections of Maine poetry- from the historical to the contemporary- that touch on these themes.

Community members are INVITED TO PARTICIPATE by selecting a poem from a pre-selected packet, learning to perform your poem in a workshop with Kifah, and reading your poem in a community reading and conversation event at the Bridgton Public Library.

Being mindful of the impact of COVID-19 on our ability to gather together in closed spaces, we are developing a new way to share these poems as a community. It is important to keep everyone safe and as comfortable and connected as possible. While we would like to gather a group together, we may have to have a virtual event. It will be different, but can still be a moving, thoughtful, and community-building experience.

Interested in participating? Click the link here and let us know how:

Poetry Express Registration

Thank you, Maine Humanities Council and Kifah Abdulla, for this wonderful opportunity!