Chromebooks Basics at BPL 4/16

We are very pleased to offer a series of classes to introduce you to new technology, internet safety, and how to detect frauds and scams. If you complete all three classes here at BPL, you will be able to check out a Chromebook to bring home and try before you consider buying your own. Thank you to the Maine Community Foundation for the Chromebooks to try, and thank you to the National Digital Equity Center for offering these onsite workshops free of charge.

For this workshop in our meeting room on Tuesday, 4/16 10:00-11:00 AM, if you don’t have your own Chromebook, we will provide one for this onsite session.

In this first class, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of operating your Chromebook, look at how to navigate the platform, best use practices, and how to get more from your Chromebook.

Requirements for this class:

A Chromebook device connected to the internet.

Please register here: