Community Reading

What a great year it was for reading here at Bridgton Public Library. Together through 2021 we read 2,122 books during our reading challenges, more than double our original goal. This was our first year of having all age reading challenges and it was a fantastic success. Reading is a solitary thing, but also very social here at the BPL. We love to talk about the stories and facts we read, make recommendations to each other, participate in book discussion groups (we order books for 4 separate book groups through Interlibrary loan), and swap books with friends and loved ones.

Please consider joining us for New Horizons: Community Read 2022. Keep track of the books you read, whether you check them out from the library, from other libraries, buy them in bookstores, or trade them between friends. Count your audiobooks, magazines, and comic books. Count the books you read to kids in your care or the books read to you by your neighbors when you need. Sharing a book matters, and we want to celebrate that, too.

However and whatever you read, we want to celebrate our community of readers. Thank you, Bridgton Public Library community, for joining us!


Amy Stone, Library Director