Keep Your Kids Busy and Learning…

While we can’t offer our regular workshops, we have put together some easy and fun activities for you to bring home!

Holiday Puzzles and Cocoa- Learn about major winter holidays by reading about them and completing fun puzzles, and sip some hot cocoa while you’re at it!

Culture To-Go: Taoism- Learn all about the Toaist Religion by reading the information sheet, doing the crossword, and completing several fun art projects!

STEAM To-Go: Pendulum Sand Art- Combine your science and art skills in this fun craft that explores kinetic energy.

STEAM To-Go: Straw Roller Coasters- Build your own straw roller coaster using the materials provided for you.  Can you build a roller coaster for your ping pong ball?  How many seconds does it take for your ball to travel the roller coaster?  How tall is your roller coaster!?

Come in all month long to get your bag on a first-come, first-serve basis!  Completely FREE!